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About Literature / Professional 'WIld Bill'28/Male/Israel Group :iconteen-fire-and-frost: Teen-Fire-and-Frost
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The Phone Call :iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 0 4 Marshals Comic Script :iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 0 0
What is thought? What lies behind those glittering eyes?
Where is alive? Who can say what for life vies?
Steaming pistons drive it on,
Seeking purpose, here and gone:
The single lonely, Automaton.
:iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 2 2
What a face to show them all-
How refined, how graceful,
But what is there inside her?
What thoughts and feelings hidden stir?
:iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 1 0
Eye See You. . .
Well... Well... Well...
'Eye' see you...
You can't hide...
From my eyes...
:iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 2 2
The Middle Child
Back to the corner,
I wrap my hands around my knees.
Alone, away, far away,
Another hurt, another blame,
Another day of hurting,
Like some sad and twisted game.
It's not my fault,
They did it first,
Why am I caught,
When they did worse.
Why am I the middle child?
:iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 2 2
A Living
O, my lord, the horoscopes,
On which idiots pin their hopes.
Aquarious, huh? Well, you've got it bad,
Taurus, Pisces, I hate this fad.
I'll write your fortune, ya nuts,
Just long enough to bank the bucks.
:iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 1 2
The Dice
Oh, Lady Luck, please bless my dice,
They roll, roll, roll, YES!
Let me rake in those winnings, nice!
Again they roll, roll, no!
I watch the winnings melt away,
Oh, god, what is this?
I lay a single nickel down,
And take the dice again.
Watch the dice go, roll roll roll-YES!
Dash, look at that roll!
Take it all, or double down. . .
There it goes, there it goes, there it goes- YES!
:iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 0 2
Now, But Then
What a pretty girl, come get me a drink!
What a pretty girl, sit and play with me!
What a pretty girl, it's not what you think.
What a pretty girl. . .
I don't-
I never-
Nothing naughty,
Nothing to be mean,
I like a clever plan,
But never for more than jest,
I could never be disloyal,
Never, as long as I remember you.
:iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 1 0
If Only. . .
If only...
I follow you, but only with my eyes.
If only...
To be with you, if only for a time.
If only...
You held me close, and kissed me lovingly.
If only...
We stood up there, the ring had been for me.
:iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 1 1
Mature content
Commission For kamdori :iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 1 0
Star Fantasy Characters :iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 1 0
BOUNTY HUNTER an Ancient Beast Poem
Draw a deep breath, look down the barrel,
At someone with whom you've no quarrel.
Stay alone, solo, keep your space clear,
Fight for gold, a killer without peer.
:iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 2 2
John Of Shetland

Name: John Victor Alexandrious Tyrhennion of Shetland

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Preferred Pronoun: He

Species: Human

---Physical Appearance---

Height: 6'6''

Weight: 300 pounds(all muscle)

Build: Like a tank

Skin: Light and freckled

Hair: Long copper-red, pulled back in a braid.

Eyes: Gray

Other defining features/anatomy: He only shows emotion with the right side of his face: his left side is paralyzed from a childhood illness.

Gait/Posture: straight, erect; walks like he owns the place.

Voice/Speech Patterns: Deep; he speaks slowly and clearly, carefully pronouncing each word. 

Clothing and Accessories: Spaceboots, soft armored pants and shirt; long greatcoat with many pockets, wide-brimmed hat with lariat.

:iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 1 0
Gyker, sword of Kyrzik

Name: Gyker, Sword of His Majesty, King Yyker of Kyrzik

Age: 47

Gender: Male

Preferred Pronoun: He

Species: Kyrzik

---Physical Appearance---

Height: 8 feet

Weight: 400 pounds

Build: Like a gorilla with four arms

Skin: Black

Hair: Short dark gray fur over much of his body.

Eyes: Two round eyes, see visible spectrum and pretty far into the infrared

Other defining features/anatomy: [Anything else unusual or memorably about your character physically, such as gills or tails or scars]
Covered in scars, burns scratches, all of them old.

Gait/Posture: Usually upright; when he wants to go fast, he'll walk on his fists like a gorilla: then he can go upward of 40 MPH

Voice/Speech Patterns: Calm, cool, and clear: no real accent

Clothing and Accessories: Just his swords


Likes/Dislikes: Crimin
:iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 0 0
Gabriel DeHeyn by Toxicskunky vers. 2 :iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 2 0





J-B-Hickock's Profile Picture
'WIld Bill'
Artist | Professional | Literature
J.B. Hickock is my pen name; a published writer and professional editor.

This account is for my writing: I am a professional writer, that means I write what people will pay me for, which ranges from the shallows of fan fiction to the depths of high fantasy and science fiction, to the shoals of erotic literature and pornography. Almost anything for a buck, including some poetry.

I could be doing a lot of things for a living, but I like to write, and I do it very well. In my spare time, I do take requests; I am willing to do trades; and as commissions go, I'm fairly cheap.

About me, personally: the opinions I hold, I hold very strongly. If you don't agree, I don't care; if you don't like me, then don't watch me. I am an Israeli Yankee, living in the Gaza periphery, so I get rockets and bombs thrown at me on a fairly regular basis; Arab Muslims are the ones trying to kill me, so I am fairly biased against Arabs and Muslims. Politically, I am very conservative, and I don't care what yours are; as long as you don't shove your politics in my face, you could be a Nazi or a Communist for all I care.

The most important virtue is respect, and I will always try to show it to you. But if I decide you are not respectable(a word which literally means 'capable of being respected) then I won't.

I am determined not to let my life be ruled by internet messages. But if you need to get a reply from me, send me a private note, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
And a Merry Christmas to all you lovely Goyisha people out there.

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