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About Literature / Professional 'WIld Bill'29/Male/Israel Group :iconteen-fire-and-frost: Teen-Fire-and-Frost
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Dark Hero 1 by J-B-Hickock Dark Hero 1 :iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 2 1 Interrupted Descent by J-B-Hickock Interrupted Descent :iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 0 0
Hanzo Shimada slips through the door, from the dark night into the dark hallway, his sword held low in bot hands. He places his feet carefully on the floorboards, passing as silently as a breath down the dark hall.
The walls spread away, and he steps into a wider room. He stops, standing perfectly still, listening into the darkness.
A match flares like a nova, throwing yellow light across a bearded face. Jesse McCree smiles, half of his face thrown into shadow as he brings the match to the tip of his cigar. He puffs a ring of smoke, then lowers the still lit match to a lantern, throwing a bright golden light across the plain room. “Howdy,” he grunts, inclining his head to the ninja.
Hanzo inclines his head silently, the sword still held clenched in his hands.
“Here for the same reason?” Jesse asks.
Again, Hanzo nods, his dark eyes glittering in the light as they flash past Jesse to the single door on the far side of the room.
“Well,” Jesse says with
:iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 3 2
Mermaid With A Gun
With a stroke of a blue tail, a little mermaid swims through the coral spires of the ancient reef-city. As she turns lithely between two columnal growths, dark figures swim after her, long sinuous tails threshing the water. One turns away form the others, the other two following her.
The young mermaid swims through the passage beyond the columns, coral closes in around her to form a narrowing tunnel. She follows a few twists and turns toward the glow of daylight, but as she draws near to the exit to open water, a dark form darts down to fill the opening, teeth gleam in a wicked grin as glowing eyes star at her.
Alarmed, she turns about to find the others behind her; she turns and darts through a narrow crevice, worming her way into another coral passage, but this one ends, and she turns around to find they have followed her.
“Come on, dearie,” one says, his hands reaching for her. “We’re just gonna have a little fun.”
But instead of cowering away from them
:iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 1 2
The Puppetmaster
What fools these are! These blind fools!
From the shadows I pluck their strings,
Hiding a smile as they dance;
They think to use me! Those blind fools!
Blinded by a prettysome face,
I use THEM to my schemes advance!
What fools these are! These blind fools!
You'll see me for a moment, then,
I disappear as like a fox;
They've used me before! Those blind fools!
I let them walk all over me,
But now we'll see who truly walks!
What fools these are! These blind fools!
My plans advance as fast as thought,
They'll never see, until the end;
I'll trap them all! Those blind fools!
No one knows, and no one can see,
My moves; they all to my will bend.
If only someone would care.
:iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 0 0
Song The Singer
What I can't do - but what I can-
Oh, what wonders you are, you kind folk, you!
Flying - healing-
I love you all, and what I can, I do! :)
:iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 0 0
The Phone Call by J-B-Hickock The Phone Call :iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 1 4 Marshals Comic Script by J-B-Hickock Marshals Comic Script :iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 0 0
What is thought? What lies behind those glittering eyes?
Where is alive? Who can say what for life vies?
Steaming pistons drive it on,
Seeking purpose, here and gone:
The single lonely, Automaton.
:iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 2 2
What a face to show them all-
How refined, how graceful,
But what is there inside her?
What thoughts and feelings hidden stir?
:iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 1 0
Eye See You. . .
Well... Well... Well...
'Eye' see you...
You can't hide...
From my eyes...
:iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 2 2
The Middle Child
Back to the corner,
I wrap my hands around my knees.
Alone, away, far away,
Another hurt, another blame,
Another day of hurting,
Like some sad and twisted game.
It's not my fault,
They did it first,
Why am I caught,
When they did worse.
Why am I the middle child?
:iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 2 2
A Living
O, my lord, the horoscopes,
On which idiots pin their hopes.
Aquarious, huh? Well, you've got it bad,
Taurus, Pisces, I hate this fad.
I'll write your fortune, ya nuts,
Just long enough to bank the bucks.
:iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 1 2
The Dice
Oh, Lady Luck, please bless my dice,
They roll, roll, roll, YES!
Let me rake in those winnings, nice!
Again they roll, roll, no!
I watch the winnings melt away,
Oh, god, what is this?
I lay a single nickel down,
And take the dice again.
Watch the dice go, roll roll roll-YES!
Dash, look at that roll!
Take it all, or double down. . .
There it goes, there it goes, there it goes- YES!
:iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 0 2
Now, But Then
What a pretty girl, come get me a drink!
What a pretty girl, sit and play with me!
What a pretty girl, it's not what you think.
What a pretty girl. . .
I don't-
I never-
Nothing naughty,
Nothing to be mean,
I like a clever plan,
But never for more than jest,
I could never be disloyal,
Never, as long as I remember you.
:iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 1 0
If Only. . .
If only...
I follow you, but only with my eyes.
If only...
To be with you, if only for a time.
If only...
You held me close, and kissed me lovingly.
If only...
We stood up there, the ring had been for me.
:iconj-b-hickock:J-B-Hickock 1 1


Alien Babe For JBHickock by FruitFromEden Alien Babe For JBHickock :iconfruitfromeden:FruitFromEden 9 2 Green woman by Banana-Yvana Green woman :iconbanana-yvana:Banana-Yvana 12 4 Request: J-B-Hickock by cocoadreamer Request: J-B-Hickock :iconcocoadreamer:cocoadreamer 7 2
muslim PhD student: Earth is FLAT
Wait, WHAT?
'Last week, a huge scandal rocked the Tunisian and Arab scientific and educational world: a PhD student submitted a thesis declaring Earth to be flat, unmoving, young (only 13,500 years of age), and the centre of the universe.
Going even bolder and further, the student explicitly rejected the physics of Newton and Einstein, the astronomy of Copernicus and Kepler, the cosmology of the Big Bang, the main models of atmospheric and geological activity, and most of modern climatology.
The student submitted her thesis after five years of work; it was then sent to two assessors, thus passing the first stage of approvals. The reports were expected soon, for the thesis defence to be scheduled.
It was at this stage that fate luckily intervened: a copy of the thesis was “leaked” to the former president of the Tunisian Astronomical Association, who checked that it was not a hoax and then quickly rang the alarm by posting on Facebook the general conclusions of the thesis, ve
:iconkajm:Kajm 12 93
Overwatch: Mercy v2 by raikoart Overwatch: Mercy v2 :iconraikoart:raikoart 5,042 65 CK presents BreakOut! by SuichiTanaka
Mature content
CK presents BreakOut! :iconsuichitanaka:SuichiTanaka 232 44
Arsene queen of vortez (request) 'Maternal grace' by sarymarie Arsene queen of vortez (request) 'Maternal grace' :iconsarymarie:sarymarie 3 2
Outdoors Fun
This song and its lyrics kept running through my mind, but then went through the Jenny-filter:
On a mountain in Virginia stands a lonesome pine
Just below, is the cabin home of a sexy girl of mine .

Her name is June and very, very soon  she'll belong to me

For I know she's got the rope and gag 'neath that lone pine tree .


In the blue ridge mountains of Virginia , on the trail of the lonesome pine,

In the pale moonshine , her wrists entwined

She’s all tied up, and looks so fine

Oh June, like the mountains I'm blue

To the pine I’ve tied up and gagged you

With no clothes in the mountains of Virginia
Now it’s sex ‘gainst the lonesome pine
Sad, isn’t it?
:iconbritslutjenny:BritslutJenny 1 37

CLOSED! Thank you all for requesting!
I am so, so sorry that I could not accept every single request >< I wish I could but I do not want to be overwhelmed by huge workload and feel guilty when I take too long to finish*And I still have unfinish request dragged from previous months. Please try again next month when I open new slots! Thank you all for your support. Love ya!
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:iconcocoadreamer:cocoadreamer 12 64
Loday the mermaid by Banana-Yvana Loday the mermaid :iconbanana-yvana:Banana-Yvana 16 4 Anri Sugihara - passion bikini by Anri-Sugihara Anri Sugihara - passion bikini :iconanri-sugihara:Anri-Sugihara 474 13 Changing Room Carol by sleepallof2day
Mature content
Changing Room Carol :iconsleepallof2day:sleepallof2day 113 131
Pg 20-21 by rillf Pg 20-21 :iconrillf:rillf 4 0 Need More by pablopq Need More :iconpablopq:pablopq 3 0 Somewhere by pablopq Somewhere :iconpablopq:pablopq 9 0 Ritual at the Sea by pablopq Ritual at the Sea :iconpablopq:pablopq 15 0





J-B-Hickock's Profile Picture
'WIld Bill'
Artist | Professional | Literature
J.B. Hickock is my pen name; a published writer and professional editor.

This account is for my writing: I am a professional writer, that means I write what people will pay me for, which ranges from the shallows of fan fiction to the depths of high fantasy and science fiction, to the shoals of erotic literature and pornography. Almost anything for a buck, including some poetry.

I could be doing a lot of things for a living, but I like to write, and I do it very well. In my spare time, I do take requests; I am willing to do trades; and as commissions go, I'm fairly cheap.

About me, personally: the opinions I hold, I hold very strongly. If you don't agree, I don't care; if you don't like me, then don't watch me. I am an Israeli Yankee, living in the Gaza periphery, so I get rockets and bombs thrown at me on a fairly regular basis; Arab Muslims are the ones trying to kill me, so I am fairly biased against Arabs and Muslims. Politically, I am very conservative, and I don't care what yours are; as long as you don't shove your politics in my face, you could be a Nazi or a Communist for all I care.

The most important virtue is respect, and I will always try to show it to you. But if I decide you are not respectable(a word which literally means 'capable of being respected) then I won't.

I am determined not to let my life be ruled by internet messages. But if you need to get a reply from me, send me a private note, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
And a Merry Christmas to all you lovely Goyisha people out there.

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